What Are Zeitgebers and Which Are The Most Important Ones for You

You are influenced by zeitgebers every single day. And if you know what zeitgebers are and how they impact you, then you can also use them to your advantage. Unfortunately, though, the default in our modern environments is that zeitgebers are not working to your advantage. So let’s change that. But first things first, let’s […]

When Is The Best Time to Exercise – Based on Your Circadian Rhythm

Did you know that not only your body is going through a daily rhythm, but all your body functions do so too? These body functions, such as your muscle tissues, hormones, or core body temperature are key factors for your exercise performance and success. Some peak at different times than others. And the optimal time […]

How to Use Your Circadian Rhythm to Boost Your Immune System

I do not want to tell you that you can boost your immune system above its normal capacity through any quick fix or magic pill (because you can’t). What I want to share with you is the importance of your circadian rhythm for your immune system. And how you can boost your immune system through […]

Why Is Blue Light Both Good & Bad for You and Your Sleep

Your body constantly optimizes all your functions based on the time of day. But how does your body know what to do when? It depends on your internal time for that. And to align your not-completely-precise internal time to your external always-twenty-four-hours-long day, it uses light cues from your environment. To be more precise, it […]

How Long Is Your Circadian Rhythm (Why Not 25h?)

The study of the circadian rhythm (chronobiology) is still developing. And this means that it is also constantly evolving based on the latest research insights. But this also means that a few of the previous findings are now outdated and replaced. And this is also the reason why there is still some confusion about the […]

How Many Circadian Rhythms Do We Have (Yes, More Than One)

You feel best when your circadian rhythms are aligned amongst each other and with your external day. And the first step to getting there is to know how many circadian rhythms you have. And also, which are the most important ones for you. This is what we will have a look at in this post. […]

What Is Social Jet Lag and How to Overcome It

During the week, you try to go to bed early enough so that you feel more or less refreshed the next day when your alarm clock rings and you have to get up. But on the weekends, you can go to bed when you want to. And you can sleep as long as you want […]

Get Your Circadian Rhythm Back on Track: The Ultimate Guide

Your circadian rhythm goes beyond your sleep-wake cycle and influences virtually all aspects of your life and wellbeing. Yet, if you are like most people, then you don’t live aligned with it. Let me highlight the four main problems that prevent you from living aligned with your circadian rhythm. And then show you how you […]

What Are Chronotypes and How to Find out Yours

Your chronotype defines how much sleep you are able to get during the week and on weekends. I am, for example, a rather late chronotype. That means that any alarm clock in the morning would limit my sleep duration. And if I was (or you are) an early chronotype? Then any social activities in the […]

Why Is the Circadian Rhythm So Important for You

There is more to your circadian rhythm than determining when you are awake and when you sleep. Your circadian rhythm plays an important role in regulating all functions of your body. And it optimizes these too. Every single day. At least if you let it do so. Why is the circadian rhythm so important for […]